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Solar Soaring In Popularity In Eastern Washington

Installs substantially increasing with new incentive.

One would normally think that with the onset of winter months solar would start to slow down. Not true. Due to the new incentive that Washington State passed folks are quickly signing up. We think this is due to the fact that many were too late with the former incentive and want to make sure to get theirs this time. One of the other factors has been that as the first of the year looms on the horizon many are anxious to qualify for the 30% Federal Tax incentive for the closing tax season. Perhaps it is also due to being featured on the local news What ever the reason we are grateful to our community for supporting NOW! SOLAR.

Solar actually performs very well here in the winter time. The lower the temperature the higher your voltage can be as heat is actually loss for electricity. So on a very cold but sunshiny day we can actually produce more then on the same day when the temperature is higher.

Last year there were only two solar companies in Tri-Cities (we were the first) and now a Seattle company has opened shop as well as several California companies claiming to be from here. The fact is there are two from here so when you are looking for a local company born and raised here check as we are from here and will always be here so our local reputation means everything to us.

As with any small business we have had our struggles but have always maintained integrity and strive to become better. With over 25 years in the solar industry we still find there is more to learn as each install is specific to the customers desires on the look and feel they are choosing. As with any business you are only as good as your employees and it has taken us several years to develop a top notch team. We have brought on Jeff Jones in our sales team who started out as a customer (actually purchased one of our largest residential ground mount systems) and was so impressed with it he came out of retirement to work for us selling systems. Most of the Ground Mount systems in Tri-Cities have been developed by Now! Solar.

We also brought on Mike this year who is a WA licensed residential and commercial electrical contractor who is highly skilled and understands the many nuances that solar can involve. At times we find that we need to upgrade the electrical service to handle the integration of solar. Mike is able to handle this without it being as high of cost most other local electricians charge. We just look at it as a part of what is needed to install for your solar system. So with our General Contractors License and Mike's Electrical Licence we can handle any size job.

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