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Navigating Solar Purchase

How To Choose A Solar Company

We are often asked, why should we choose Now! Solar. This, in our minds, is an easy answer but in reality, there are many things that we strive to be for that "Best Solar Expert Company. Here is a list of questions I believe one should ask.


1. Are they local? This means, are their headquarters and owners based in Tri-Cities. We have seen a lot of out of town companies hiring a local sales force. We are from Tri-Cities so when you need something we can address your desires or concerns right away.


2. How long has the company been in solar? This to me is very important as I have been installing solar for close to 30 years now. Even with this amount of solar, I am still learning. Solar is an electrical generator. Electricity is dangerous and can be deadly. There are many nuances and details of a solar system. Most I have seen popping up are just learning solar. A good solar person works for several years for a solar company before starting their own company. If the owner has not installed solar for more than 5 years they are learning on your project.


3. What is the cost and RETURN ON INVESTMENT? Solar is an investment. You should expect a detailed financial analysis showing a detailed itemized quote calling out the separated cost of each piece of equipment. We strive to show a 5-6 year return on investment. We also show a design so that you can make an informed decision.


4. Customer references. This speaks for itself.


5. Are they high pressured? Solar is an investment. Many like to say free panel if you sign now or a less price. This is a con. They are not giving you a free panel as it is a shell game. We always present and then ask our customers to take their time and think about it. Yes, there is only so much room in the incentive program but the fact is one needs to make an informed decision.


6. How responsive is the company. Yes we get very busy and can not always get to the call right away. This is due to as owners we try to always be the interaction with questions. We take the same time with you as with other customers. We are local so we believe you deserve that interaction.

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