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    Every home and business should have the option for independence in owning their own renewable power source at an affordable price.


    Message from one of our founders Eugene Wilkie "When I first started in solar it was primarily in Central and South America. I had a vision of providing a single light bulb to those in poverty. Having traveled throughout Central and South America providing renewable energy for resorts I witnessed children gathered under streetlights or struggling to read by fire or candles trying to get an education as most had to work during the day to help provide for their families. I also was very aware that many mothers gave birth by candle or light of fire inside their home that caused infections and mistakes due to the inability to see. I strove to provide a single lightbulb with a small solar panel and a battery. It formed a passion in me that everyone should have the choice and independence to own their own power and solar is currently the only (across the board option) that offers that possibility. Over the years I have witnessed solar prices plummet while efficiencies have achieved goals we never thought possible. We have finally arrived at that point that if you stripped incentives from both solar and fossil fuels, solar is by far the less expensive option. Due to our many years in the solar industry, we are able to obtain the best pricing with best options."



  • Available Solar Incentives

    For a full view of all available incentives visit - DSIREUSA.ORG

    NOW! SOLAR will identify and submit all available solar incentives for you except tax incentives.



    As a leading provider of Solar, we take pride in offering the best solar services. We are

    dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We began in the

    solar industry over 25 years ago by providing off-grid solutions and have grown right

    along with the industry. We are experienced in residential, commercial, and utility

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    No matter what your solar design and integrations needs are NOW! SOLAR can provide expert service. Now! Solar has been in the solar industry for over 25 years and bring a vast amount of experience in all phases of solar. We have worked in utility, commercial, residential, and agricultural solar solutions!


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