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    It is Now! Solar's policy to never pressure our customers. We prefer to present our solution, answer questions and then leave to allow you time to consider your options. Solar is an investment and like any investment one should consider carefully with full due diligence. We do not play games like offering a free solar panel or reduced cost if you sign right away. We are able to provide the best pricing and superior installation due to our many years in the industry.

  • STEP ONE: Power Bill

    The process starts by sending us a full copy of one of your power bills. Your bill has a section that shows us a full year of usage (kWh -Kilowatt Hours) With that information we can size a system that zero's out kWh usage.



    STEP TWO: Site Inspection

    Schedule a site visit. During our site inspection, we will be looking at your roof, assessing any shading issues inspecting your electrical panel and deciding where your system will work the best.



    STEP 3: Financial & Site Analysis

    We provide a fully comprehensive site analysis and quote that includes: size of the system, Scope of work, estimated production (in kWh) an itemized list of components showing the individualized cost, payback period (ROI) to include 1st-year payback, a total price quote, each incentive to include separated out amounts and impact on ROI, and a design like the one shown to the right.


    STEP 4: Financing

    Submit for your hassle-free, no money down, covering 100% of the cost loan. The best part is the equipment is what secures the loan, not your home. The interest rate (can be as low as 590) is based on your credit score.





    STEP 5: Permitting

    Once we finish the engineering and go over the system design we then file for all permits and applications needed.





    STEP 6: Installation

    Our expert, highly qualified team will install your solar system using best in industry practices. With over 25 years of experience in solar, we are able to navigate any installation scenario.





    STEP 7: Energy Independence

    Once the utility signs off we come and perform a site walkthrough, commissioning of the system and detailed explanation of how your system works. While we are there it is a great time to ask questions but we understand that as you get used to the system more questions may arise. We are always available.





    Click buttons below for a full definition of each incentives


    • ​​WA Production Cost Recovery (up to 50% of total system cost)
    • 30% Federal Tax Credit
    • Net Metering
    • Accelerated Depreciation Farmers and Ag Businesses
    • Carbon Trading (you own the carbon credits) http://carbonwa.org/
    • USDA 25% Grant

    The Incentives For Washington Are "First Come First Served" And Are Filling Up Fast!


    ATTENTION: BENTON REA (utility serving West Richland) has filled up with its incentive. They are still taking applications in case their calculations were off or someone who filed cancels.


    For a complete, comprehensive, detailed, explanation, that is kept updated about each State and Federal incentives, click on "check my incentives" button below.


    We look forward to hearing from you! We are your Washington State solar experts!

    If you want to get your free solar analysis report be sure to send us a full copy of your power bill.

    (509) 412-1766




    Please send a full copy of your power bill to email below.


    (509) 412-1766

    Solar Solutions By Solar Experts!

    No matter what your solar design and integrations needs are NOW! SOLAR can provide expert service. Now! Solar has been in the solar industry for over 25 years and brings a vast amount of experience in all phases of solar. We have worked in utility, commercial, residential, and agricultural solar solutions!

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    Now Solar Team



    Lisa Jensen: Lisa has been involved in the solar industry for around 10 years. As an owner, she takes great pride in ensuring every customer is taken care of in every detail. Lisa is the backbone of Now! Solar. While residential solar is our bread and butter Lisa has been involved in many commercial and utility projects. There is no part of the solar process that she does not know in detail.


    Eugene Wilkie: (partner) Eugene Wilkie has been active in developing alternative and renewable energy markets throughout the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa since the 1980’s. He has been the owner and operator of various successful renewable energy-related business ventures, which has earned him a highly-respected name in the renewable energy industry. Emphasis has always been on the development, design, installation, testing, and start-up of solar, hydro, geothermal and wind-driven power generation systems as a systems configuration specialist, manufacturer’s representative, agent, distributor, and installer. As a systems integrator for commercial and utility renewable energy systems, Mr. Wilkie assumes many different responsibilities. Best described as Chief Executive “Liaison,” he coordinates all aspects of utility-interactive systems from feasibility and system sizing to installing and authorization to operate electrical equipment in parallel with established utility providers. For these, and off-grid “direct” powered systems, Mr. Wilkie relies on many years of technical sales for renewable energy systems and system integration experience in the renewable energy industry. He began his career with small wind turbine and solar systems for off-grid battery charging. In the past twenty-plus years, Mr. Wilkie has grown right along with the environmental movement, and the fast-advancing renewable energy industry, and is known for his innovative approach to system configurations and creative solutions to seemingly difficult problems.


    Jeff Jones has joined our sales team. Jeff started out as a customer (actually purchased one of our largest residential ground mount systems) and was so impressed with it he came out of retirement to work for us selling systems. Most of the Ground Mount systems in Tri-Cities have been developed by Now! Solar.


    Stuart Smits: For the past decade, Stuart has been engaged full-time at the C-level in project origination, business operations, and team management involving indoor farming project developments, and multiple renewable energy project developments, including project feasibility, due diligence, structuring project acquisitions, negotiating sophisticated project structures throughout the US, as well as Mexico, and Peru. These companies (7 Generations and NOW! Solar) have utilized an innovative total solutions approach, blending creative legal, financial and deal structures. I managed all complex deal negotiation, documentation, and project implementation.

    Stuart has been very active in strategic planning for a wide variety of businesses and organizations over the past decade. These engagements have included due diligence and launching a precision AG engineering drone company, which included negotiations with international companies regarding joint ventures and possible M&A. Stuart has worked extensively with emerging renewable energy technology and project development companies while positioning them for growth including M&A opportunities. Stuart has been continually engaged with multiple climate change initiatives throughout CA, at the NGO, community organization, and emerging company strategy level.

    Prior career included several decades of distinguished accomplishments as a trial lawyer, handling complex cases involving managing the efforts and work product of subordinates, outside counsel and hundreds of experts. Since 1994, I have held the highest award for legal excellence (Martindale Hubbell AV rating).


    INSTALLATION TEAM: We have an experienced team of dedicated installers that include design installation and electricians. This team seems to always be growing and are too many to list. They look forward to meeting you.

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