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    Every home and business should have the option for independence in owning their own renewable power source at an affordable price.




     ATTENTION: Washington State Has Just Passed The New Solar Bill SB 5939

    July 1st, 2017


    It is now possible that 80% of your residential solar system is paid with incentives!


    Incentives are paid to approved system owners based on the classification of the system. Incentives are paid once a year based on the state’s fiscal year. The rate depends on which fiscal year the system is placed into service and that set rate will be paid for 8 years or until the owner/participants have earned back 50% of the price they paid (sales tax included), whichever occurs first. The start year determines the rate.



    Install your system before------------6/30/2018--6/30/2019--6/30/2020--6/30/2021

    Base rate kWh--------------------------------$0.16-------$0.14 --------$0.12 --------$0.10

    Made in WA bonus rate kWh-------------$0.05-------$0.04---------$0.03---------$0.02

    Total possible rate kWh--------------------$0.21-------$0.18---------$0.15---------$0.12


    Residential Size: 1 through 12 KW (whether located at a residence or a business). The annual payment is capped at $5000 per year.


    Commercial Size: greater than l2 KW (whether located at a residence or a business). Annual payment capped at $25,000 per year. Because one or two very large systems could eat up all the available incentive money, the funds for Commercial Size systems are limited to 25% of the total funds available.


    Install your system before-------------------------6/30/2018---6/30/2019---6/30/2020---6/30/2021

    Base Rate kWh--------------------------------------------$0.06---------$0.04----------$0.02---------$0.02

    Made in Washington bonus kWh--------------------$0.05---------$0.04----------$0.03---------$0.02

    Total possible rate kWh---------------------------------$0.11---------$0.08----------$0.05---------$0.04


    Adding to an Existing System: Customers who wish to add on to their existing solar system after October 1, 2017, may do so and their new addition may qualify for the new program.



    Window of Time Between Old and New: Entities who go solar between July 10 and September 30, 2017, can choose to be in the old program or the new one. Either way, systems sized 1 to 10 KW are state sales tax exempt, and larger systems earn the existing sales tax refund, when installation is completed by September 30, 2017.


    The Federal Rebate is a Tax Credit for 30%


    For Businesses, You qualify for all of the above plus accelerated Depreciation


    Farmers and Ag businesses may qualify for the USDA 25% Grant


    Ask Us How Solar Can Pay You!


    The Incentives Are First Come First Served And Won't Last Long!


    There Is No Better Time To Go Solar!


    For a full view of all available incentives visit - DSIREUSA.ORG


    We can design a Solution for you!   509.948.2449

    Solar Solutions By Solar Experts!

    No matter what your solar design and integrations needs are NOW! SOLAR can provide expert service. Now! Solar has been in the solar industry for over 25 years and bring a vast amount of experience in all phases of solar. We have worked in utility, commercial, residential, and agricultural solar solutions!


    We look forward to hearing from you! We are your Washington State solar experts!

    If you want to get your free solar analysis report be sure to send us a full copy of your power bill.




    Please send a full copy of your power bill to email below.
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